Wooden Coffin Boxes

Rana Overseas is the prestigious manufacturer supplier and exporter of Incense box / coffin boxes. We have wide range of different sizes and designs. These boxes always bother because the incense stick drops the ashes messing up area. Here’s an unique wooden incense stick box which collects the ashes inside it without messing. This fascinating box truly exhibits the creativity of the craftsmen.

• Beautifully Hand Crafted in Wood
• Use this wonderful incense holder to fragrance a room in an instant using
• Stamford incense sticks
• Handmade from wood
• brass metallic filling
• Contains 2 groves to hold incense sticks
• Contains a metallic plate for dhoop
• Box can be closed with a lid
• Has a compartment at the side to store incense sticks
• Ashes will not get messed outside
• Easy to clean – All Ash accumulates at Single point.
• No ash Mess -Keeps puja house or Office Desk clean
• Fire Safe – Keeps Home & Office Fire safe as no flying fire speck
• Child Safe – Safe with children Around
• Elegant Looking – Craftsman Inspired Design Looks Divine when aromatic fumes emanate from them
• Car/ Vehicle Incense Stand – Best for In-Car or Vehicle Mobility due to Horizontal Layout
• Extra Incense Stick Stash – Smart area alloacation, makes use of every space in the holder, thus a stash available to keep extra pack of agarbatti`s
• DHOOP STAND – YES it has inbuilt inside a metallic Dhoop stand too.
• Different Designs and Various sizes and different looks are available

We have a wide range of Incense Boxes available in Antique, Modern, Brass Inlay and Carving Designs.


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